Video Services

Getting the message across.

It's a fact that more than 40% of all data on the internet is now video based. With visitor attention naturally leaning towards the visual and audio rather than text only only.

ProjectM can support your video strategy by providing a professional series of introductory videos, animated videos, full-bore training series with associated "light" Learning Management Solutions built-into your website.

We will support the development of each video through a checklist of actions:

  • Definition of the video objectives.
  • Video style :
    • "Green screen" personal presentation with
      video backdrop
    • Product overview/details
    • Animation, cartoon or infographics
  • ​Storyboarding
  • Professional voice-overs if required
  • Development and publishing to websites,
    YouTube or other social media websites of choice

All videos are produced at the highest definition for full screen viewing on all devices.